Dermal Fillers

May 2021



Sclerotherapy can be used to treat uncomplicated spider veins and small varicose veins, giving you confidence to show off your legs again.


Scar Revision


Depressed scars can often be treated with dermal fillers. These injectables can add volume for a smoother, more even appearance.

Scar Revision2024-02-08T18:25:07-05:00

Earlobe Filler


Filler can be used to rejuvenate deflated earlobes, increasing their volume and making the ear stronger and younger looking as a result.

Earlobe Filler2024-02-08T18:25:17-05:00

Temple Filler


A hollowing of the temples is a natural part of the aging process. Filler treatment is very effective to revolumize and restore your temples.

Temple Filler2024-02-08T18:25:50-05:00

Tech-Neck Filler


Technology is great, but these lines across our necks we get from constantly looking down at our screens have to go. Thankfully, we can use filler (and Botox) to smooth them away.

Tech-Neck Filler2024-02-08T18:26:05-05:00

Hand Filler


Are you hiding your hands? We can use filler to restore volume to the tops of your hands and bring back a youthful look as well as your confidence.

Hand Filler2024-02-08T18:26:19-05:00

Nose Augmentation/Contour


Our Master Trained Cosmetic Injectors can utilize filler to make contour changes to the nose during this advanced procedure. These would consist of minor changes, including smoothing out a hump, turning up the tip of the nose, etc. This treatment can be combined with Botox.

Nose Augmentation/Contour2024-02-08T18:26:34-05:00

Smile/Laugh Line Filler


Filler is used to soften the appearance of the nasolabial folds (smile/laugh lines). Often, cheek (midface) filler is needed to help lift and take the weight off of the nasolabial folds – see Cheek Filler option.

Smile/Laugh Line Filler2024-02-08T18:26:48-05:00

Lower Face Filler


Filler is used to rejuvenate the lower face, fill in fine lines around the mouth and upturn the corners of the mouth as needed. This is a completely custom treatment based on your needs and desires.

Lower Face Filler2024-02-08T18:27:03-05:00

Jawline Filler/Augmentation


A sculpted jawline is desirable for both men and women alike. Add some definition to your face with a little filler!

Jawline Filler/Augmentation2024-02-08T18:27:19-05:00
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