IV Vitamin Therapy

March 2024

NAD+ Injections


$75 | Package of 5 - $300 Improves mental clarity, alertness, concentration, memory, mitochondrial function, antiaging, and neurodegenerative issues. Breaks down fats to provide energy.

NAD+ Injections2024-03-24T11:02:13-04:00

Glutathione Injections


$50 | Package of 5 - $200 A super antioxidant that helps with cell repair, again, stress, and toxin exposure.

Glutathione Injections2024-03-24T11:00:58-04:00

Vitamin D Injections


$30 | Package of 5 - $120 Promotes healthy bones and helps increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Vitamin D Injections2024-03-24T10:58:32-04:00

May 2021

Vitamin C Injections


$30 | Package of 5 - $120 Boost your immune system with vitamin C injections. This injection gives you the greatest health benefit by establishing a concentration of this essential nutrient into your body.

Vitamin C Injections2024-03-24T10:49:07-04:00

B12 Injections


$20 | Package of 5 - $80Increase your energy levels and fight fatigue. B12 improves your metabolism, helps improve sleeping patterns, increases concentrationand mood, and boosts your immune system.

B12 Injections2024-03-24T10:47:53-04:00

IV Vitamin C Therapy


$200 Includes numerous minerals and vitamins that help support the immune system, fight infection, reduce inflammation and improve fatigue. High-dose vitamin C therapy has also been used to treat certain cancerous conditions improving quality of life.

IV Vitamin C Therapy2024-02-08T18:30:36-05:00

IV Rehydration Therapy


$100 This sterile solution is made from a mixture of sodium chloride, water, B vitamins and electrolytes, designed to restore your body’s lost fluids quickly.

IV Rehydration Therapy2024-02-08T18:30:46-05:00

IV Vitamin Therapy


(Myers’ Cocktail) $200 The “Myers’ Cocktail,” which consists of magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, B vitamins and glutathione, rejuvenates as well as helps with migraines and other disorders.

IV Vitamin Therapy2024-02-08T18:30:59-05:00
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