LightSheer by Lumenis

Make LightSheer your choice for peace of mind, comfort and long-lasting results.

LightSheer is a clinically-proven diode laser treatment featuring two unique technologies. Feel confident, knowing that with LightSheer you will enjoy long-lasting results and feel happier in front of the mirror, in front of others and in yourself.

LightSheer is generally suitable for all skin tones and for most body areas and types of hair. LightSheer clients report high levels of satisfaction and long-term effectiveness following the laser hair removal process.

LightSheer Hair Removal Packages

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  • Upper Lip $400
  • Full Face $500
  • Underarms $500
  • Arms $900
  • Bikini $875
  • Brazilian $1,250

  • Upper Leg $1,000

  • Lower Leg $1,000

  • Full Leg $1,750

  • Back $1,750

What to expect

The LightSheer experience plays a big part in how you feel. After permanent hair reduction your life will be easier. You will see the world differently because you know the world sees you differently.


Choosing the solution that’s right for you is the first step in your journey to a more confident you. And that starts with being confident in your choice of treatment.

LightSheer uses clinically proven diode laser technology to permanently remove unwanted hair, comfortably and effectively. Consult with your treatment provider to be sure you understand any possible laser hair removal side effects.


See and feel the difference that LightSheer makes, even before your treatment program is completed. LightSheer offers fast laser hair removal results, and many people report a visible improvement following the first few treatments.


Head to the beach, wear shorts or a tank-top, and face the world with more confidence. After permanent hair reduction with LightSheer, you can be ready to go without thinking about unwanted hair.

Morning routines become easier, and faster too. Your life becomes simpler, and yet fuller with the things you want.